o32 Communications Group

1.Wouldn't you prefer to track any increases above customers' perception baselines of your company's image?

2.Is your nationwide sales distribution network coordinated into your marketing plan's strategy?

o32 Design Group

3.Has your corporate imagery been updated or enhanced in the past 10 years?

4.Do you have a corporate graphics usage policy manual for legal protection of your logo?

o32 New Media Group

5.Are your products and services better sold through visual demonstration?

6.Do you know the cost per hit of your Web site, and how many it generates vs. sales?

o32 Public Relations Group

7.Would you benefit from product or service placements in the consumer or business publicity arenas?

8.Is your business plan designed with Customer Relationship Management objectives?

o32 Trading Group

9.Does your company integrate incentives usage into its annual marketing spreadsheet?

10.Would you be interested in meeting with potential affinity relationship product manufacturers or services?

o32 Print Masters Group

11.Are your marketing communications printed with customized-personalization to your top customers?

12.Have your company's printed materials ever been chosen to enter into top graphic awards competition?

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